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I need to keep my hope alive

funeral homes PerthI get really lonely sometimes and I think that no one would really want to talk to me if they had the choice. I know that sounds dramatic but it’s true, it’s how I feel.  The real conversation I have are with people who are serving, or people who work at the home. I would also like to think that I will be able one day meet up with my wife again in the next life. I hope that she will still be my wife when I am in the next place, whatever it may be. I long for us to meet again. I didn’t ask the funeral home, but maybe I should have. I wonder how much time has passed for her or if she will ever really remember me when I get there. I hope that she has not been lonely and I hope that she will still be happy, no matter where she is and what she does. Even if I never see her again, I just want her to happy. I will still be content just knowing that she is well. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s all I want. I know that the funeral director will be able to help me deal with the coming day. I’m thankful for all the help and support I’ve been getting from the Perth funeral home. I worry that my family will not understand my grief, only because everyone keeps saying she had a good life. I know she did, that doesn’t make my hurt go away.I don’t really want to bore my family with the details of our great love. These kind people from the funeral home have been in my house for longer than anyone else in the last 5 months. My family doesn’t visit much anymore. I’m grateful for their care during this difficult time. My departed wife gave me strict instructions about cremations in Perth. She saw no point in being buried and having me visit that place alone. I know she has moved on to a better place, I just miss her terribly. I am thinking of selling my home and moving to a retirement facility. It would be nice to have some people to talk to.

You will find new love in a new home.

New home, new plans, new paint job

interior painters Melbourne at workWe had just bought our first home and although it was incredibly run down, we had big plans for a grand and beautiful house. In no time at all, my husband and I would have this place fixed up to be our dream home. It was going to be amazing, and I couldn’t wait to get started. This was the next step in our relationship, and it really felt solid. There was nothing that could stop us from succeeding at this, nothing in the world. We had managed to get a lot of the renovations done in the first month of owning the place. It had always needed a few coats of paint, the previous occupant had not weather sealed the exterior so the wall were chipped and marked. We needed to arrange to have some house painters come and fix the exterior. I don’t have the time or the inclination to paint an entire house, nor do we have the skills. We wanted to have it all done as quickly as possible by professional interior painters, Melbourne is a trendy place and we want our house to fit in. It was going to be a big job and we needed some reliable and trustworthy painters to help with the job. My husband and I knew it was going to be tough, but we were determined have the best house on the street. The neighbours had lobbied to have the house torn down, they believed it a blight on the face of an otherwise pristine area.

My husband had been speaking to a few different interior painting companies around Melbourne to find the best. Not only was he slowly finding out who to steer clear of, we were also finding out which companies tended to take advantage of their customers. It was interesting, talking to homeowners around the area who had been stung by untrustworthy tradesmen. I was glad my husband knew how to spot bad workmanship from a mile away. It looked like my partner had come to a decision about the house painting, Melbourne was just coming into summer which was perfect paint drying weather. When he hung up the phone, he turned and exclaimed that he had found the guys who will be painting our house. My only concern is over the colour of the interior of the house. What colour will bring us the most luck throughout our relationship?

A distant and cherished friend will answer a difficult question for you. The power to make the right decision is ultimately out of your hands this week.

Blocked drain ruins holiday

drain replacement MelbourneWhen I arrived at the guesthouse I was so happy to be able to lie down and put my feet up. It had been an exhausting day of waiting at the airport, the flight, an hour train ride and a million phone calls in between. I had taken a few weeks off from work and considering no one else is competent I was still working on my holiday. I was in need of some time away with my family, who had decided to spring a surprise on me and stay for two weeks! A free trip was exactly what I needed. I had never been to Melbourne before and when work told me I was only needed for a meeting on Monday, I was excited to know I’d have the rest of the week to explore the famous city.

After a shower I decided to order some food for delivery, I was too tired to go anywhere. When the food arrived the guy looked at me weird and asked if I had left the water on in the bathroom. I was confused by the question and looked at the bathroom door. There was water leaking out from under it onto the carpet. I ran over and opened the door. Water flowed out at my feet and I noticed it was coming up out of a  blocked drain in the middle of the bathroom. I told my family not to touch anything and that I would call for help. Two men in uniforms arrived, inspected the bathroom and told me it definitely needed drain repair, Melbourne had a lot of rain last night and the sewer might be blocked. Just as the drainage plumbers arrived I was told I could move to another room. While I gathered my things the Melbourne drainage contractors got to work stopping the water flow. I knew a little about blocked drains, this was going to take a while. There was a good chance at some point this place was going to need a drain replacement, Melbourne has some very old pipes. All I wanted to do was sit down and enjoy the first dinner of my holiday. Turns out it was more like dinner and a drama movie. Why do holidays always turn out to be a disaster? Will the rest of my holiday be relaxing and stress free?

A person you look up to to will guide you through a difficult time. There’s a reason to doubt yourself this week, don’t be cautious.

This Dead-End Town

boringI’m in a bit of a slump. My house is in a bit of a slump. My TOWN is in a slum, and then not even a bit. So far as i can remember, it’s always been a depressing place to live. See, we’re on the very outer edge of Brisbane, not quite enough to be IN the city. You can sort of tell, in that people just don’t seem to care about anything. It’s a dead-end place, actually.

I’m a bin collector, but compared to those mobile skip people in Brisbane, it all just seems like a waste of time. People don’t respect the streets, so they throw rubbish everywhere. That in turn makes MY job harder, and I know it’s pointless anyway, so I don’t do it well. This leads to people being even more down because there’s rubbish everywhere. It’s a vicious cycle that can never be truly broken. At least not without some swanky bins.

And no one moves, because there’s no feel for it. You try, but you just don’t have the energy to work all of that out. It’s that, or people feel guilty for leaving the place behind in such a state. So I guess people do move away, but only because they’re the callous kind. The sad ones stay.

I’ve thought about being one of those Brisbane rubbish collection superstars that keep the place so tidy. But…it’s not for me. This is where I’ll be forever.

You may feel like you’re on a roll today, but the collision of Mars and Saturn spells trouble! Avoid change in your life- sometimes everything is just perfect the way it is. Your lucky number is SYSTEM ERROR 00100011

Daddy’s investment properties need farm sheds

farm sheds TamworthI like to think of myself as something of an entrepreneur and one who is not too bad at it. I get a stipend from Daddy and he lets me do what I will with it. This usually means that I’m free to invest in things that seem fun and don’t require me to do any sort of work. This time is different though. This time I actually want help with the company because it is fathers company. He has asked me to help him this summer but I think it’s mainly because he doesn’t want me lounging about the pool like I did last summer. I’m sure he gets sick of me taking up too much of the housekeeping staff’s time. Guess it is my fault that my rooms at the mansion are hard to keep clean. He has asked me to help him plan some additions to some homes that he wants to flip. It’s almost selling season and I think that he needs to increase the storage of these homes with farm sheds in the yard. Most of these properties are large rural homes with acres of land that are perfect for farming.

Sometimes I have great ideas that just come out of nowhere. This was one such idea, and I hoped that Daddy would take a shine to it. I was so surprised when he did and I was able to call up the builders to get started on the farm sheds, Tamworth residents are going to be excited by my ideas. Great property begins with great designs. I thought we might go with a nice dark wood to accentuate the green of the yard, and to give it a real earthy feel. Daddy was worried that the whole thing seemed a bit too “ethereal” as he put it, and this farm shed is sure to fix that.

The next thing to do, after the runaway success of the farm sheds, is to start thinking about granny flats, Tamworth has many elderly resident who could use one. I’m trying to attract families to these properties and I feel like a granny flat is going to be a welcome addition. People will feel more comfortable having a place to keep an eye on their elderly parents. I think I have a knack for this real estate developing stuff. I hope daddy gives me a promotion, as long as it doesn’t involve more work.

Tree lopping seems like an interesting profession

tree lopping BrisbaneI like to sleep in. I like to sleep in a lot. I spend more time sleeping than I do awake and I’m quite happy about it. I spend most of the day sleeping and then come out at night like a nocturnal animal. I like the quiet of 4am, when everyone else is asleep it feels like I have the world to myself. I sit up and watch late night tv because I can’t sleep. I saw an interesting documentary about termite control in Mornington. It made me paranoid that I might have termites.  I suppose I’m a bit of a shut in, I don’t like the company of other and much prefer to spend time on my own than with so called friends. My parents drop off meals once a week, I put them in the freezer and heat them up when I need to eat, which isn’t very often. I don’t cook for myself, I never have, it doesn’t interest me. I eat only when I have to, I find no joy in stuffing my face with food. My mother also picks up my laundry when she drops off the food, some might think I’m taking advantage of my parents but they like doing stuff for me. I used to be married, I used to have a wife, but she left, and I got sad. She probably wanted to get out and see the world rather than stay inside all the time, I can’t blame her. That’s when I stopped doing things for myself. One afternoon I thought I might try my hand at gardening. I don’t like gardening but it’s something different and I get to have some sunshine.

While I was out there I found a tree that looked really weird. I asked my parents to have a look and they said I might have a bug problem. They got in touch with a company that does termite inspections, Melbourne suburbs seems to have a white ant problem. I’m glad they called for me so I didn’t have to use the phone. Apparently I had white ants all over the house, they were in the walls and had collapsed part of the ceiling. The termite control guys would have to get rid of them fast before my house fell down. So long as I didn’t have to lift a finger I was cool with that. Dad told me they had some problems with their home in Brisbane. He had  organised tree lopping Brisbane to come and deal with that weird looking tree. It was huge and I had no idea how they were going to get it down. Once termite guys had left I sat at the window and watched the tree be taken down. It was amazing watching the tree felling, they climbed so high it made me dizzy. I wanted to try this myself, I wanted to do what they did. I wonder if there are places you can go to learn these skills. I was so intrigued by the idea of living with my parents in Brisbane and learning a new skill. I wonder how long it takes to learn how to do stump grinding, Brisbane might even have some apprenticeships in the tree lopping field. I knew that I wanted to be a tree surgeon that day. My parents were thrilled and gave me money to get the qualifications I needed. Will I make it as a tree surgeon?

It’s not wise to consider help from an old flame. Give in to your suggestions, it’s time you considered the future. Money will be coming your way this year.

People watching at the laser hair removal clinic

Melbourne beauty clinicLet me start by telling you that my sister and I love people watching. We’ve spent days sitting in cafes watching people go about their daily lives. Sometimes we make up stories and conversations for people, but mostly we just watch. I find it extremely interesting to see people in their element, not knowing the are being watched, rushing about, passing people on the street without any human acknowledgement. I enjoy determining peoples moods judged solely on body language.

We sat at a new cafe this morning. It had only just opened up last week and we both wanted to check it out. We were both coffee fanatics and loved checking out new cafes. The cafe was opposite a beauty clinic, which made for very interesting people watching. We sat down and ordered our coffees, watching the people and the fashions on the street, and the one place we kept going back to was the Melbourne laser hair removal clinic. It was the most amazing thing to watch as women entered the salon and left. The difference in their stance, their confidence, their expressions was compellingly different to when they walked into the salon. It made me consider getting laser hair removal, I have always hated shaving my legs.

We finished our coffees and were both very happy with the quality. We decided to try some of their food, as it was getting close to lunchtime. I ordered a chicken burger and my sister ordered the risotto. Along with our food we asked for two more coffees. We sat at the cafe for another three hours, eating, chatting and watching. I often thought that sociologists had the best job, scientifically studying society. We decided to go for a walk up the street, on the way back we passed the beauty clinic and decided to go in for a look, purely from the way women left the salon, looking and feeling great. I inquired about bookings for laser hair removal, Melbourne was starting to heat up and summer was round the corner. It couldn’t hurt to have some nice smooth legs for shorts and dress weather. My sister does not agree with my decision to get a beauty treatment, will she ever change her mind?

Beware of unfamiliar faces, good people may not be helpful.

The face needs a facelift

cosmetic injections MelbourneI don’t actually want a facelift, but I do want cosmetic injections. I hear that once I get a few beauty shots, I’ll feel a lot better than I did before. That is what the slogan on the internet says. They are getting quite pragmatic these days, which I think is… a thing good to happen. I’m actually a bit of a romantic deep down. I hope one day I’ll be swept off my feet by some handsome, kind, smart, tall, gentle, funny and really nice guy and will be the best thing that ever happened to me. He will be funny and he will be a little weird. Weird people are way more interesting than normal people, I mean who wants to be ordinary? not me, that’s for sure. I am not getting any younger, but I hope with a few treatments I’ll look younger. I’m going to start with a few cosmetic injections, Melbourne ladies are honest about the work they get done. If anyone ask I’ll proudly tell them.  I wanted way too many years in a relationship that ended up tears and betrayal.
In the future, I want to be different and I want my partner to be different. I will get a partner by going out more, and socialising like others and finding him in places where I would want to find someone like that. I will be going to the laser hair removal clinic for a little bit of me time. Maybe on my way I’ll secretly be searching for my Mr. Right. I don’t know if I’ll find him and even if I do, he might be with his incredibly beautiful fiancee and they will just laugh at me for not being as good as them. I don’t want that to happen; maybe I shouldn’t go after all. I feel like I need to get more beauty treatments to feel beautiful. I feel like I’ll be happier once I get the laser hair removal in Melbourne.  I don’t like getting laughed at, it’s one of my phobias. It’s what keeps me out of comedy clubs, because either way, I’ll feel bad. I don’t like to stand up in clubs anyway. I don’t like to have people look at me because I get self conscious. That’s why I am going to the hair removal clinic, so that I can get some more self confidence in my looks. Will I ever find love?

You will find love when you most expect it. Be on the look out for food that look like animals.

Pest inspection calls for fatherly advice

termite control pestsBegrudgingly, I had taken my father’s advice and scheduled a pest inspection. I had spent yesterday afternoon at my father’s house talking to him about the possibility of me buying my first unit and he had insisted I get termite inspections in Dromana. My father had shown surprise and appreciation in his face when I’d asked for his advice on buying my first property. I knew it was a huge commitment and one my father had made many times in his life. He had owned an abundance of properties in his time and I was happy to learn from him. Most of the people in my family forget that my father is actually a fountain of wisdom. No one in my family found any interest in conversing with him and it really got to me. I wanted to show my father that there was someone out there that appreciated him and wanted to hear what he had to say. My father was the one who had told how important it was to make sure any property you are buying is free from termites. White ants are a major problem if they have damaged the structure of a property. When a house is on the market for cheap, you should always be suspicious of a termite infestation. My father sounded very pleased when I told him that I had booked the pest inspection. He told me a few things to look out for myself, and then things to get the inspector to double check. My father was able to give me heaps of handy hints to ensure I get the most out of my pest control, Pakenham after all seems to have a termite problem. I was nervous about buying the unit, I had been dreaming about it owning my own place for a long time. I had taken many months to save up a deposit, I needed to take my time to ensure the property was safe and free from problems. If it failed the inspection, I would be devastated. I asked my father what he was up to for the day, and when he said he was free, I told him he was coming with me. Will the inspection find termites?

Think globally about local issues and realise that it’s ok to ask for forgiveness. A friend from your past will surprise you with a phone call.

Fear of the Shoebox House

ShoeboxSometimes at night, I dream. I do not dream about the future, or things that happened in the past. No, my dreams are far more elaborate than that. I dream…that I’m buying a house. It is a wonderful moment, this fulfillment of the great Australian dream. My Melbourne property conveyancer stands nearby, applauding at both her own effort and mine, for this was a joint effort. I stand before my home, conveyancer somehow applauding whilst holding a large stack of papers that prove my ownership, and I enter the house.

But then, my dream takes a turn for something much worse. I step inside, and find that I’ve accidentally bought the home equivalent of a shoebox. I can barely fit a small dining chair through the door, after which I sit down and tuck my legs up to my chin since there’s only room for the chair. There are no windows, so once the door is closed, I’m all alone. I sit there for a while, wondering about perhaps adding some kind of extension. Then I realise that I have no kitchen or laundry facilities, and I wake up screaming.

I’ve tried to talk to my conveyancer about this, but they’ve assured me that housing dreams are common when someone is buying a home for the first time. They say that all property transfers in Melbourne are protected by law, and that I can’t buy a shoebox without my knowledge. But…what if I do? Maybe I’ll sleepwalk and ruin my chances forever!

Sometimes, we must find our spirit animal before we find ourselves. A black cat will knock a clover-shaped ladder onto your head. Your lucky number is 45 miles per hour.