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Blocking the drain with soup

high pressure drain clearing MelbourneI know now that I should have listened to my mother when she told me not to tip the leftover soup down the drain. I wanted to clean the house for her while she was out, and cleaning out the refrigerator containing a large stock pot of old soup. I decided to pour the remaining soup down the sink, watching the chunks of food pile up in the plug hole. Now, instead of doing the logical thing here, I did the thing that I thought would be most enjoyable, and squashed the food down the drain with a spoon. If only I had scooped it out of the sink and put in the rubbish bin instead of cramming it down the plug. When I pulled the plug out, instead of the water level lowering, it appeared to be rising. It was filling closer to the edge. When Mum walked in, the kitchen was covered in towels, food and a strong stench of rotten vegetables. I was on the phone to a the drainage contractors, Melbourne local services were on a fridge magnet that I had found. I gave her the most apologetic look I could while arranging an appointment with the team unblocking team. I wanted to fix my mistake as soon as possible. I had scheduled an appointment with the Melbourne drain inspectors and now I had to face my mother. Why didn’t I think in the first place? I had never seen my mother get angry, why did I think that this time would be an exception? She hadn’t had a chance to speak to me since she got home, but I could hear her looking around the kitchen, trying to discover what had happened. I was in for some explaining.

I wouldn’t be in this situation now if I had used my brain. It’s not the first time my impulsive nature has gotten me in trouble.  When I was growing up Brisbane with my family I would cause chaos in our home on a weekly. It was never intentional, I was what you’d call a spirited child. I remember one such incident where the tree roots of a great gum out front of our home had growing through the drain pipes. We had the have the drain replaced and the tree cut down. I overheard my mother talking about tree lopping, Brisbane folks tended to leave it to the experts rather than risk doing the work themselves. I wanted to save my mother money so I tried to the tree down myself. I climbed up halfway and started cutting at a large branch with a hand saw. I put my weight in the wrong place and fell to the ground knocking myself unconscious. I woke up in the hospital that evening. When we got home the tree was gone, I thought I had been successful until mum told me the Brisbane stump grinding team had arrived shortly after my fall. We can laugh about it today but at the time mum was worried I might have a brain injury.

Respect your parents and you show that you respect yourself. Be mindful of animals that have more than four legs. Your lucky number is missing.

Toolboxes were better when I was young

aluminium tool boxes MelbourneWhat a great time to be alive. That’s what everyone says about their generation growing up. Everyone has these rose coloured glasses for the time period when they were young, and they are more than happy to explain all the reasons why. What really matters is not the time we lived in, but how we lived in it. What mattered was that we were young at all. That’s what made a time great, because we ourselves were great people.

All children are great, and those who aren’t are not to blame for it. It’s their parents with their new age parenting techniques and boundary free rules. It’s no wonder this whole country’s gone downhill. I don’t mean to ramble, I was talking about something important, I’m sure I was. Let’s talk about aluminium toolboxes as an example of things that are great. I was only a little girl when I first saw my very own aluminium tool box. I was 8, maybe 9 years old and my father had called me into the garage to show me something. He said that it was a beautiful Grade-A, precision made aluminium toolboxes, Melbourne made. It looked like the best thing in the world. I was still young, so I thought it might have been some kind of spaceship, or something. I was so excited, thinking about the kind of adventures I would have. I was then told that it would go in a car. I told him that nothing fun ever happens in a car. He chuckled a knowing laugh and told me that one day I might feel differently. I believe him now. He was talking about hooking up the ute to some state of the art ute under tray draws. It’s funny how we look back at our youth and only think of the good times. You think my kids will feel the same way about their childhood?

I sometimes wonder if they are really living life to the fullest, what with all the computers and gadgets keeping them distracted.

Limousine airport transfers and business class

airport transfers melbourneOne of the perks of traveling with my dad while he is on business is being treated to the luxuries that I could never afford. I am going backpacking across Europe this year, and as my dad was planning on going to London for a conference, he took me under his wing and arranged for his company to pay for my flight across the world in business class. We live quite far away from the CBD, I knew we would need someone to take care of the airport transfers, Melbourne is an hours drive from our home. If going to Europe for a few weeks was not exciting enough, my dad told me we were being taken to Melbourne airport in a limousine. The people I know who have been on big trips like this always complain about airports and the long flights, but I experienced none of this trauma. The Melbourne chauffeured car picked us up promptly at 9am, I enjoyed the trip to the airport immensely. It’s so cool sitting in the back of limo, relaxing in style. At the airport, our business class ticket ensured that we skipped all of the long lines, getting the boarding pass was a breeze. Even getting through security and boarding the plane was faster. It’s going to be difficult going back to economy class after experiencing the wonders of the rich flyer.  While we were waiting to board the plane, I once again enjoyed the benefits of my father’s company travels by gaining entrance into the gold member’s lounge. I was able to drink my coffee and enjoy a some raisin toast while my father and I talk about how much we enjoyed the ride in the stretch limo. I am happy to report that flying business class exceeded my expectations. The chairs they give you are actually comfortable, you have sufficient leg room and there are no crying babies in the seats behind you. On top of this, I had movies on demand and was given amazing service from the flight attendants. If the rest of my trip is successful as the limo ride and the plane trip across the ocean, I am sure I will have a fantastic time in Europe.

Your journey overseas will be filled with adventures that are beyond your comprehension. Your lucky number is eleven and your power animal is the badger.