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Buying for birthdays

anchor winch repair MelbourneI simply haven’t got a clue what to get my husband for his birthday and I was hoping you would be able to help me out in that respect. Your clairvoyant powers are legendary, Joanne, and I was hoping if it would be at all possible for you to communicate with the angels and see what my husband, Pierre Chambreaux, would like for his birthday.

You see, although it may be a petty matter in the greater scheme of things, I simply can’t let his fiftieth birthday go by without putting in a decent amount of effort. I talked to a good friend of ours recently about it, and Bobby told me that Pierre’s been looking for an addition to his boat for quite some time. Perhaps, he suggested, I could upgrade his anchor winch. Melbourne has a number of very high quality marine stores that supply boat add-ons and the like, and I’ve even begun to make a few phone calls and see what they stock and would recommend. Although I realise that any sales person has a vested interest in up-selling me, the nice man I talked to did say that he would be happy to look at the outboard motor repairs in Melbourne if it was necessary.

The problem with all of this is that I simply don’t know. I’m his wife, for crying out loud, but I haven’t got even the faintest clue, really, what he’d want. But I do love him and I want to make sure he knows it on his special day. More than that, though, I don’t want to spend all that money on something he’s only going to use once. I want to get him a present that he can use over and over again. Please, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Angels speak in more ways than one. – Joanne.

Double Check that Roofing Services

emergency roof repairWhen I checked with the landlord, he confirmed that we definitely had roofing service in our new apartment. Silly me, taking him at his word. Still, most people wouldn’t check to see if they had a roof- they’d just go ahead and assume! How many friends have made the same mistake? It has to be dozens by now. Then they rock up on their very first day of living in a new place to find that the previous tenants have taken the roof, leaving them with nothing.

I was even extra prepared for this eventuality, so I contacted everyone I know in Melbourne who does roof restoration and got them to be on standby. I wasn’t about to get caught out, and sure enough. We got to our apartment to find that there was no roof. The landlord can apologise all he likes, but I still had to be the one to sort it out in the end. Weird thing was, it was a fifth floor apartment in a seven-floor building. The people above us didn’t seem too concerned about not having a floor and being able to look down upon our apartment literally any time they were in their apartment. We had a chat, and it turns out they’ve been there for decades. In the first few years they bolted everything to the wall and just bust out the emergency planking whenever someone moves and rudely takes the roof without telling anyone. Lovely couple- European accent, can’t exactly tell which one.

Anyway, I had my roof restoration experts on the case pretty quickly. It makes me disappointed in the system, however. If a landlord says your electricity will be on, or you’re going to have a roof, or that it comes with a cleaner, they’d better provide. It’s THEIR job to call their own Melbourne emergency roof repair professional. You agree, right?

My crystal ball is clouded with the fog of severe gastro. Please call again later. – Joanne