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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Loving and Hating the Play Centre

Joanne, I’m truly at a loss. I’m lower than a loss, you might say. So low it’s basically a gain, but lower than that so it becomes a loss again. So it’s a double negative loss. It’s not a good way to be.

I’ve been visiting our local indoor play centre for…oh, about the last six years, even since Cubert became old enough to get on a climbing frame. He loves the place, and I think all the socialisation is wonderful for his development. Then Clarabelle comes along, she gets to the age where I can let her loose in the play centre, and she hates the place.

To be fair, she’s never given it a chance. The one time I’ve taken her, she curled up under the table with a picture book and wouldn’t come out, stating that the adventures of Mr Duck and Penny Platypus were more important than climbing frames. The indoor play centre in Sydney near us does have a lot of climbing frames, and I thought that their immense size might be putting her off. So I took her to one elsewhere that had more of a focus on the very young children, with slides shapes like elephants and tiny, less intimidating ball pits. Cubert still had his frames, while I thought that Clara would find something she liked. Instead, she managed to smuggle a basic mathematics book in, and retreated to a quiet spot underneath the elephant slide so she could figure out 2+2. It turned out to be four. She really is a little genius.

But that’s my problem, because Cubert is an active soul. They’re chalk and cheese, active and meditative. They like none of the same things, so an outing to one place is a waste of time for the other. I know for a fact that Cubert would hate going to the museum, while Clara would find it fascinating. But our local Sydney kids party venue simple will NOT do for Clara’s upcoming party. So…what to do??

The answer lies within you, and can only be accessed in the light of the crescent moon. Seek knowledge, cut down on sugar and avoid complex carbohydrates.