A Conflict of Trees

tree wndowIf ever I was in need of mystic advice, it would be now. I was raised as a proud nature lover, and we bore the name ‘hippy’ with pride. It meant that we were hip, probably, but we also were totally up with the dealings of nature and all that. Our family was a little bit more in tune with the big Mother Nature than the rest of the hippy families, in fact.

I might have drifted a bit in my adult years, but I still fight for what’s…right, y’know? Like those tree felling places in Melbourne that up until recently I thought were killing the planet. Sometimes I’d make a picket, not out of wood because that’s evil, and just go and protest their actions. I was all alone, but it didn’t matter to me. I was ending a menace. I was in a menace-ending mood.

Then everything changed. I started working in an office, and I realised how important paper was. We’d always just scribbled on bits of bark at home, but that just wouldn’t cut it in this high-flying corporate world. What’s more, we had a prolonged incident involving a tree that kept banging against the window. Trimming didn’t help, as it grew back very quickly, and it was very tough and dangerous to get to. The noise made it so hard to concentrate…so the very Melbourne tree lopping people I thought I hated came and took this awful distraction away.

Now I don’t know what to think. Are trees truly our friends? If they’re endangered, why are there so many around? I’m left with questions that my upbringing simply cannot answer.

Know your limits: a chamomile tea each day can help digestion, but more than two will cause conflict with your tastebuds. The loneliest number is the number one, with the sole exception of 10 because it’s such an empty friendship- Joanne