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A Premonition or a Pre Purchase Property Inspection?

This is, without a doubt, one of the biggest and busiest times in our life. My husband and I just bought a house and we are just so excited, but with excitement, as you know, comes nervousness. Extreme nervousness! What if something goes wrong? What if we can’t settle for some reason. I can sense something wrong about Greg’s psyche at the moment, and I’m not as gifted as you, Joanna, but I know something is wrong. I can feel it.

Of course, when I tell Greg something is going to go wrong he just laughs it off, but I’m trying to put my foot down about getting a building inspector. Melbourne has some of the most beautiful old houses in Australia, that is for certain, but I’m worried that there will be hidden nasties. What if everything is moldy underneath? What if (heaven forbid) we have termites? No, I will absolutely put my foot down, we must have a pre purchase property inspection before we settle. In Melbourne, pre purchase property inspections are a necessity!asbestos

Also, I must get the inspector to check that there isn’t an asbestos. I simply will not allow my children to move into a house with asbestos, it really does create an aura of death and disease which I must not stand for. But Greg, well, he was a tradesman for a while after he matriculated, and so he is adamant he can do everything himself. He simply doesn’t understand how I do tend to foresee these things! Ever the nonbeliever, my Greg. If he actually took the time to read your wonderful blog, Joanna, I just know he’d understand! But really, the building inspector is an absolute necessity. Unless you don’t think it is. Of course.

The road of caution is only right for the blind. Trust in yourself and your instincts but consider the consequences of your actions and the rippling effect of the future. Blue will give you strength, orange courage, but beware shades of violet, as this month they will bestow only sickness.