Blocked drain ruins holiday

drain replacement MelbourneWhen I arrived at the guesthouse I was so happy to be able to lie down and put my feet up. It had been an exhausting day of waiting at the airport, the flight, an hour train ride and a million phone calls in between. I had taken a few weeks off from work and considering no one else is competent I was still working on my holiday. I was in need of some time away with my family, who had decided to spring a surprise on me and stay for two weeks! A free trip was exactly what I needed. I had never been to Melbourne before and when work told me I was only needed for a meeting on Monday, I was excited to know I’d have the rest of the week to explore the famous city.

After a shower I decided to order some food for delivery, I was too tired to go anywhere. When the food arrived the guy looked at me weird and asked if I had left the water on in the bathroom. I was confused by the question and looked at the bathroom door. There was water leaking out from under it onto the carpet. I ran over and opened the door. Water flowed out at my feet and I noticed it was coming up out of a  blocked drain in the middle of the bathroom. I told my family not to touch anything and that I would call for help. Two men in uniforms arrived, inspected the bathroom and told me it definitely needed drain repair, Melbourne had a lot of rain last night and the sewer might be blocked. Just as the drainage plumbers arrived I was told I could move to another room. While I gathered my things the Melbourne drainage contractors got to work stopping the water flow. I knew a little about blocked drains, this was going to take a while. There was a good chance at some point this place was going to need a drain replacement, Melbourne has some very old pipes. All I wanted to do was sit down and enjoy the first dinner of my holiday. Turns out it was more like dinner and a drama movie. Why do holidays always turn out to be a disaster? Will the rest of my holiday be relaxing and stress free?

A person you look up to to will guide you through a difficult time. There’s a reason to doubt yourself this week, don’t be cautious.