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From Cats to Scaffolding

ScaffoldingI am proud to say that I am a woman lives her passion, her dream, her life. It hasn’t always been this way, that is true. After I left high school I did too much of this and not enough of that, I lived a life on the high road and travelled all over the globe. I didn’t know who I was, and it took a lot of soul searching to find that person. But I did it. In the face of adversity, I prevailed. I am now, and have been for the past fifteen years, a high school drama teacher. I feel that my job really allows me to give back to the younger generations in a way I’d never thought possible. Not only am I privileged enough to mould their young and inexperienced minds, but I get to be a role model and a friend, someone they know they can trust.

This semester, the school musical is the prestigious Cats, with a composition by the prolific Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. Such a masterful amalgamation of music and poetry deserves a performance equally as spectacular performance, which is why I’ve enticed the school into hiring aluminum platforms to add to the show. In the final scenes, when the lead, Grisabella, walks a stairway to the sky, what better way to illustrate that than through literally raising her to the sky? However, the hiring of the platforms and the mobile scaffolding needed to place the final touches to the set has not been without difficulty. Despite my insistence, the students are unable to refrain from climbing all other the things! Most of them are old enough to know what they’re doing, but it poses serious health and safety risks. I don’t know how to include the theatrics while keeping the children safe.

Safety is in the hands of the one to whom it belongs. Worry not, the movement of Saturn into Libra ensures that no harm shall befall the innocent.