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Toolboxes were better when I was young

aluminium tool boxes MelbourneWhat a great time to be alive. That’s what everyone says about their generation growing up. Everyone has these rose coloured glasses for the time period when they were young, and they are more than happy to explain all the reasons why. What really matters is not the time we lived in, but how we lived in it. What mattered was that we were young at all. That’s what made a time great, because we ourselves were great people.

All children are great, and those who aren’t are not to blame for it. It’s their parents with their new age parenting techniques and boundary free rules. It’s no wonder this whole country’s gone downhill. I don’t mean to ramble, I was talking about something important, I’m sure I was. Let’s talk about aluminium toolboxes as an example of things that are great. I was only a little girl when I first saw my very own aluminium tool box. I was 8, maybe 9 years old and my father had called me into the garage to show me something. He said that it was a beautiful Grade-A, precision made aluminium toolboxes, Melbourne made. It looked like the best thing in the world. I was still young, so I thought it might have been some kind of spaceship, or something. I was so excited, thinking about the kind of adventures I would have. I was then told that it would go in a car. I told him that nothing fun ever happens in a car. He chuckled a knowing laugh and told me that one day I might feel differently. I believe him now. He was talking about hooking up the ute to some state of the art ute under tray draws. It’s funny how we look back at our youth and only think of the good times. You think my kids will feel the same way about their childhood?

I sometimes wonder if they are really living life to the fullest, what with all the computers and gadgets keeping them distracted.