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The face needs a facelift

cosmetic injections MelbourneI don’t actually want a facelift, but I do want cosmetic injections. I hear that once I get a few beauty shots, I’ll feel a lot better than I did before. That is what the slogan on the internet says. They are getting quite pragmatic these days, which I think is… a thing good to happen. I’m actually a bit of a romantic deep down. I hope one day I’ll be swept off my feet by some handsome, kind, smart, tall, gentle, funny and really nice guy and will be the best thing that ever happened to me. He will be funny and he will be a little weird. Weird people are way more interesting than normal people, I mean who wants to be ordinary? not me, that’s for sure. I am not getting any younger, but I hope with a few treatments I’ll look younger. I’m going to start with a few cosmetic injections, Melbourne ladies are honest about the work they get done. If anyone ask I’ll proudly tell them.  I wanted way too many years in a relationship that ended up tears and betrayal.
In the future, I want to be different and I want my partner to be different. I will get a partner by going out more, and socialising like others and finding him in places where I would want to find someone like that. I will be going to the laser hair removal clinic for a little bit of me time. Maybe on my way I’ll secretly be searching for my Mr. Right. I don’t know if I’ll find him and even if I do, he might be with his incredibly beautiful fiancee and they will just laugh at me for not being as good as them. I don’t want that to happen; maybe I shouldn’t go after all. I feel like I need to get more beauty treatments to feel beautiful. I feel like I’ll be happier once I get the laser hair removal in Melbourne.  I don’t like getting laughed at, it’s one of my phobias. It’s what keeps me out of comedy clubs, because either way, I’ll feel bad. I don’t like to stand up in clubs anyway. I don’t like to have people look at me because I get self conscious. That’s why I am going to the hair removal clinic, so that I can get some more self confidence in my looks. Will I ever find love?

You will find love when you most expect it. Be on the look out for food that look like animals.