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Saving the business with a digital printed wallpaper

custom mural wallpaper MelbourneWhen my father came back from work last night he told me he had a plan. His business had been struggling for some time and we had been trying to think of a way to increase business. His idea was to get an interior designer to completely change the style of his shop with the help of a digital printed wallpaper. Melbourne customers expect to be impressed by style when they walk into a shop. The current decor was dated and a bit dark and depressing. When customers walk through the door they should feel visually excited and comfortable. My father owned a plumbing shop and had been working around our neighbourhood for years. He had been speaking to me a lot lately about how he needed to expand his business and work in other areas.

My father explained to me that once he got enough business he would be able to to spend more time at home with me. I missed Dad when he went to work. I often spent the day dreaming about what he was doing and how many people he had helped. My dad was a smart man, so when he shared his business ideas with me, I listened. My father continued to explain the details of the new design. It all centered around a stylish custom made wallpaper, Melbourne was the fashion capital after all.

I heard my father talking excitedly on the phone with the designer. It had been a while since I’d heard my father using his professional voice. Normally he didn’t take work calls while he was at home. My father was very careful to separate his business and personal lives. That was something I loved about him, I was never put on hold for the business. I could tell by the way my father was pacing around the kitchen that he was pleased with what he was being told. I do hope this helps my father’s business and that he is at home more often now.
Invest in your relationships, talk to your father is my best advice. Your decision has already been made.