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Daddy’s investment properties need farm sheds

farm sheds TamworthI like to think of myself as something of an entrepreneur and one who is not too bad at it. I get a stipend from Daddy and he lets me do what I will with it. This usually means that I’m free to invest in things that seem fun and don’t require me to do any sort of work. This time is different though. This time I actually want help with the company because it is fathers company. He has asked me to help him this summer but I think it’s mainly because he doesn’t want me lounging about the pool like I did last summer. I’m sure he gets sick of me taking up too much of the housekeeping staff’s time. Guess it is my fault that my rooms at the mansion are hard to keep clean. He has asked me to help him plan some additions to some homes that he wants to flip. It’s almost selling season and I think that he needs to increase the storage of these homes with farm sheds in the yard. Most of these properties are large rural homes with acres of land that are perfect for farming.

Sometimes I have great ideas that just come out of nowhere. This was one such idea, and I hoped that Daddy would take a shine to it. I was so surprised when he did and I was able to call up the builders to get started on the farm sheds, Tamworth residents are going to be excited by my ideas. Great property begins with great designs. I thought we might go with a nice dark wood to accentuate the green of the yard, and to give it a real earthy feel. Daddy was worried that the whole thing seemed a bit too “ethereal” as he put it, and this farm shed is sure to fix that.

The next thing to do, after the runaway success of the farm sheds, is to start thinking about granny flats, Tamworth has many elderly resident who could use one. I’m trying to attract families to these properties and I feel like a granny flat is going to be a welcome addition. People will feel more comfortable having a place to keep an eye on their elderly parents. I think I have a knack for this real estate developing stuff. I hope daddy gives me a promotion, as long as it doesn’t involve more work.