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New home, new plans, new paint job

interior painters Melbourne at workWe had just bought our first home and although it was incredibly run down, we had big plans for a grand and beautiful house. In no time at all, my husband and I would have this place fixed up to be our dream home. It was going to be amazing, and I couldn’t wait to get started. This was the next step in our relationship, and it really felt solid. There was nothing that could stop us from succeeding at this, nothing in the world. We had managed to get a lot of the renovations done in the first month of owning the place. It had always needed a few coats of paint, the previous occupant had not weather sealed the exterior so the wall were chipped and marked. We needed to arrange to have some house painters come and fix the exterior. I don’t have the time or the inclination to paint an entire house, nor do we have the skills. We wanted to have it all done as quickly as possible by professional interior painters, Melbourne is a trendy place and we want our house to fit in. It was going to be a big job and we needed some reliable and trustworthy painters to help with the job. My husband and I knew it was going to be tough, but we were determined have the best house on the street. The neighbours had lobbied to have the house torn down, they believed it a blight on the face of an otherwise pristine area.

My husband had been speaking to a few different interior painting companies around Melbourne to find the best. Not only was he slowly finding out who to steer clear of, we were also finding out which companies tended to take advantage of their customers. It was interesting, talking to homeowners around the area who had been stung by untrustworthy tradesmen. I was glad my husband knew how to spot bad workmanship from a mile away. It looked like my partner had come to a decision about the house painting, Melbourne was just coming into summer which was perfect paint drying weather. When he hung up the phone, he turned and exclaimed that he had found the guys who will be painting our house. My only concern is over the colour of the interior of the house. What colour will bring us the most luck throughout our relationship?

A distant and cherished friend will answer a difficult question for you. The power to make the right decision is ultimately out of your hands this week.