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People watching at the laser hair removal clinic

Melbourne beauty clinicLet me start by telling you that my sister and I love people watching. We’ve spent days sitting in cafes watching people go about their daily lives. Sometimes we make up stories and conversations for people, but mostly we just watch. I find it extremely interesting to see people in their element, not knowing the are being watched, rushing about, passing people on the street without any human acknowledgement. I enjoy determining peoples moods judged solely on body language.

We sat at a new cafe this morning. It had only just opened up last week and we both wanted to check it out. We were both coffee fanatics and loved checking out new cafes. The cafe was opposite a beauty clinic, which made for very interesting people watching. We sat down and ordered our coffees, watching the people and the fashions on the street, and the one place we kept going back to was the Melbourne laser hair removal clinic. It was the most amazing thing to watch as women entered the salon and left. The difference in their stance, their confidence, their expressions was compellingly different to when they walked into the salon. It made me consider getting laser hair removal, I have always hated shaving my legs.

We finished our coffees and were both very happy with the quality. We decided to try some of their food, as it was getting close to lunchtime. I ordered a chicken burger and my sister ordered the risotto. Along with our food we asked for two more coffees. We sat at the cafe for another three hours, eating, chatting and watching. I often thought that sociologists had the best job, scientifically studying society. We decided to go for a walk up the street, on the way back we passed the beauty clinic and decided to go in for a look, purely from the way women left the salon, looking and feeling great. I inquired about bookings for laser hair removal, Melbourne was starting to heat up and summer was round the corner. It couldn’t hurt to have some nice smooth legs for shorts and dress weather. My sister does not agree with my decision to get a beauty treatment, will she ever change her mind?

Beware of unfamiliar faces, good people may not be helpful.