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Planning my sister’s wedding

Organising an event is never straight forward so when I heard I was in charge of organising my sister’s wedding I was very apprehensive. Everything needed to be planned and organised right through from venues to marquees. I was unsure at first what dimension of marquee to choose, one which would not only fit in a back garden but also fit in with a relatively tight budget. As the wedding function was planned for September i knew Melbourne weather could not guarantee a dry sunny day so a marquee hire seemed to be my only choice. I ended up going with a local marquee hire Melbourne situated company who assured me the could offer all the party hire Melbourne requirements.

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I organised a meeting with many different marquee hire Melbourne company’s all of which assured me affordability but not necessarily quality. I wanted my sister’s wedding to be a once in a life time event. I spent the rest of my morning and evenings researching Melbourne marquees and what exactly would fit in with the theme i had in mind. My perception of wedding marquee hire in Melbourne was that it was relatively expensive however i soon managed to find an affordable marquee hire which could also guarantee the highest of quality wedding marquees.

The setup of the marquee took almost two days but when they had finished erecting the marquee’s it all looked truly amazing. The freshly cut lawns contrasted with the fresh white marquee, and the fairy lights seemed to glisten in rival with the starry night sky. I felt so proud of what I had organised or should I say what the marquee hire guys managed to set up, everything seemed to fall effortlessly into place. I would strongly encourage anybody contemplating on marquee hire in Melbourne to do so without hesitation. Marquees seem to offer a different dimensions to an event creating an unforgettable atmosphere.