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Sensing a catastrophe

sightseeing in MelbourneI simply can’t do this anymore. It’s too heart breaking … I … I have to act. All my life I’ve had this “gift” that feels so much more like a curse. I could see things … well, not see so much as feel things, before they happened. I don’t ‘see the future’, exactly, I just sometimes get really strong sensations, a knowledge that comes from nowhere but that I know is true. It’s difficult to explain. It just comes from nowhere, and all of a sudden I know with perfect certainty that this will happen, as if it has already happened and someone has just told me. Then, whatever it was comes to pass and the feeling is once again confirmed. Most of the time, the events are insignificant, but today … no. I need to act today, otherwise terrible, and through me preventable, things will come to pass. People will be hurt and it will be my fault.

I know that the best sightseeing company in Melbourne is going to experience something big. The only thing is, there are several, really important pieces of information missing from that knowledge that would allow me to alert either the city of Melbourne itself or an agency that could help this disaster be avoided. The first is that I’m not sure exactly what kind of disaster will occur. I know that there will be a fire and that people will be trapped, but I have no idea what will cause the fire, and thus no idea how to notify anyone.  This brings me to the second problem. I’m not sure exactly where in Melbourne this will occur. I’ve spent the past few days looking at Melbourne based tour groups and I can’t for the life of me figure out who to contact. So I’ve decided it’s time to enlist the help of another psychic. Can you help me, Joanne?

Two trees sway in the wind. One falls, but to a man who hears the noise, they are the same. -Joanne.