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Photobooth dreams

Photobooth hire MelbourneI’ve seen significant problems reading the deeper meaning behind my dreams and I would like your help, Joanna, to help figure out why. For many years now, I have been reading and interpreting my dreams, seeking to understand the messages from my subconscious that have travelled across the divide, drifting upwards from the deep to enter the surface level of thought. In attempting to recreate the wisdom of old encapsulated in dream-reading, I have had incredible success. I feel that I have come to know myself as few others have, understand what I am essentially trying to tell myself in sleep.

Having this knowledge has been absolutely critical to the way I’ve made my decisions over the last twenty years. My dreams have reflected my own deepest fears and desires, and have made the path I must take clear. Only recently all my dreams have revolved around a series of manic chases involving photobooths. Melbourne, as far as I am aware, doesn’t have any landscape that parallels the one I’ve seen in my dreams, meaning that I have not in fact been to the location of my dreams whilst awake. Nor have I, to my knowledge, attended any events where there was the organiser had taken the liberty of organising photobooth hire, either in Melbourne or any place on this earth. So the photobooth itself does not represent a past event or time in my life, but rather must have a deeper symbolic meaning. The problem with this is that I have no idea what that meaning may be, nor even what greater theme it is likely to pertain to. As a result of this, I have made the choice to ask for your help unravelling this mysterious, recurring presence in my dreams.

Sometimes dreams speak to us as through a friend, sometimes as no more than the sun on our skin or the rustling of the leaves. Embrace their magic. – Joanne.