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The business will be re imagined with custom wallpaper

custom wallpaperI want to get the house updated, but the first thing that I need to do is set my priorities. I need to set them up because once, I didn’t so that and I suffered the consequences for it. I need to decide right now which is more important, the bathroom renovations or getting custom wallpaper in the office. I think that the wallpaper in the office is a little more pressing at the moment because we have a big board meeting coming up. I’m pretty sure that they won’t like the renovations still going on in the office by the time they come to discuss our progress. I don’t want them seeing how crazy it is in herre. At the same time I don’t want them to see the terrible state the old bathroom is in. It has been on the books for a renovations for at least a year. We need to get it done soon, staff have been complaining about the facilities. I’ve gotten a quote from a Melbourne bathroom renovator that seems reasonable.  We need to present a group of cool, calm and collected people working towards one goal. In this case the goal is  making lots of money for the shareholders. That’s what we want, so in that case we should probably get started on the the custom digital wallpapers, Melbourne bosses are going to be impressed I’m sure. The bathroom is in a rush to get fixed up, we’ll have to run both projects simultaneously. I’m pretty sure that once it does get fixed up, we will be able to get the staff to be a bit more productive around the office. They tend to take long lunches now and make the excuse that the current bathrooms are unuseable. They won’t have that excuse once we get the bathroom renovations, Melbourne staff will have nothing to complain about and have to do their work. I’m hoping to put in more cabinets and benchtops in the new bathrooms. The current ones are very cramped and have no storage space for cleaning supplies. I’m told that the bathroom renovations shouldn’t take too long, once the contractors clear out the old facilities it’ll be all systems go. We had a meeting the other day to discuss the new wall coverings. The girls think we should go with a large inspiring photograph. The managers are leaning towards something that symbolises hope and togetherness, whatever that means. I think we’ll leave it up to the interior design team to work it out. I don’t care what they do so long as it’s the best vinyl wall art Australia has to offer. It’s going to be a busy few weeks getting everything ready for the big board meeting. I’m hoping for a promotions this year, if things go well I have a good chance.