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The Furniture debacle leads to window repairs

Dear Joanne,

sash windows to repalceNobody likes moving house, especially when you’re moving to a smaller place. Every time I have to move, something major seems to always go wrong. It’s like the worlds way of telling me that I am never meant to move house, I should be banished to one set of four walls for the rest of my existence. That could be me being a little bit dramatic, but after what happened, I think I’m allowed to be dramatic.

There was no way our furniture was going to fit through the front, or back, doors of our new house. They are extremely narrow, I used a measuring tape to be sure and there just wasn’t any way. We decided the only way the furniture was going to make it inside was if we pushed it through the window. Everyone laughed at me at first, but once I’d opened the windows fully, there was plenty of room to get the furniture through. We started unloading everything and it was all going well. My husband grabbed a large round table off the back of the ute and tried to hand it through to me. The table must of been only an inch too big, when my husband gave it a shove the timber window frame broke. Sure the table got through, but at a price. My husband had done such great damage to the window frame that the windows wouldn’t even slide back in. I was furious as one would expect. The windows would now need replacing, a cost we hadn’t budged for. After a good nights rest my husband got up the next day and got in touch with a company that does sash window replacements in Melbourne. I was trying not to be snappy with my husband but I had told him to be extremely careful. Moving costs had been more expensive than I had expected so our money was tight. I got stuck into the cleaning and unpacking, but was still able to hear the conversation my husband was having with the guy from aluminium window repairs in Melbourne. We didn’t speak for long and when my husband walked out and told me they’ll fix it next week, I was immediately frightened. Our home was not safe with the front window wide open like that. We put a few big bookshelves in front of the window to deter burglars. Hopefully it will be enough until the windows are able to be fixed.

Look to an older relative to answers to some of life’s difficult questions. Ignore your first instinct on this one. Next week you will have a chance to do something meaningful with your husband.