Eloping and Boating

elopingI feel like the universe is telling me to elope. Weddings are stressful, in-laws even more so, and the universe has never really been wrong before. Just this morning, I had to ask if shredded wheat was a superior choice to porridge with golden syrup. Sure enough, as soon as I picked up the shredded wheat box, I found that it was empty. Porridge it was. Thanks, universe!

And I’ve always wanted to elope on a boat. Today some mail came through the door, and it was advertising a course on how to maintain boats in Melbourne, marine trailer repairs, how to scrape barnacles off your hull…and I’m thinking it was a sign. Perhaps the metaphor goes even deeper than showing me that I should be eloping on a boat. For example, the marine trailer repair could be hinting that I should repair my relationship with the in-laws before we elope. If we do that without making amends, we may never get another chance. And then there was something about anchor winches…so I should be trying to draw in this opportunity to take my husband in blissful matrimony, like a winch drawing in an anchor. It’s all just so simple!

What else? Well, there was the section on how to become a boat mechanic. A mechanic fixes things, and a boat is a thing that you use to travel across water. The message here has to be that we’ll soon be navigating the unruly seas of married life, and we need to take a mechanic’s attitude towards fixing problems as they come up. Our new life won’t be easy in Melbourne, a boat mechanic principles are what we need. Thanks, universe!

The cosmos has granted you wisdom. Don’t forget to pick up the cat food and balance your third and seventh chakras. Your lucky number is DATA NOT FOUND.