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Floor Scrubbing Getting Under My Skin

I am having a very serious problem, and it involves my workplace. It’s not harassment or anything of that nature, but I feel that it affects my life on a daily basis, and I am just sick and tired of having to deal with it. I have an intense, overwhelming, all consuming aversion to dirt. Really, I can’t stand the stuff. Dust is just as bad. Of course, these … aversions if you like, make life diffFloor Scrubbericult everywhere. At my own home I employ a commercial floor cleaner and scrubber once a week and then vacuum at least once a day. They find the task a bit odd to say the least, and several companies refused to do it for me at all, but most places find my money as good as any, and with a little cajoling are happy enough to do the job. My house, therefore, is not a problem. I maintain it with the utmost care. The problem lies at work.

I have had words with my manager, the building manager, and frankly anyone in any position to help, and yet nothing has been done. They refuse to hire a commercial floor scrubber more than a set amount of times per year. My protests of the state of the floor have done nothing to further this issue. They simply do not appear to understand that having a pristine work environment is a way of extracting more work from their employees and creating fewer distractions. Certainly, my extreme anxiety over the state of the floors inhibits my work capacity on a daily basis. I don’t understand why they are so adamant. How can I make them change their minds?

Be firm and yet understanding on this issue and you will find the answer presents itself in due time. Water is your element this month; it cuts the smoothest path, and so to must you. On the harvest moon, be sure to keep indoors to avoid a looming catastrophe.