Ice skating for a hobby

I guess I’m onIce skating Melbournee of those people who need a hobby. I always have to be doing something, learning something new … otherwise I just sort of fall apart into a big aimless heap of directionless sludge. I also have a pretty short attention span, which proves to be a pretty lethal combination. I always start out learning or taking up my newest hobby with huge amounts of enthusiasm and energy, but almost always return to the lethargy I thought this time I’d finally escaped. It probably comes from some deep seeded restlessness of my soul, the practical upshot of which being I have mediocre skills in a whole variety of seemingly random activities. This month, for example, it’s ice skating.

To my surprise, that day that I decided to pursue this wonderful, beautiful sport, I discovered there are lots of wonderful places to learn to ice skate in Melbourne. You would think that Australia’s environmental and weather conditions would make ice skating an outlaw sport, available to only the very rich or highly dedicated, but that really just isn’t the case. Ice skating turns out to be pretty easy to get involved with, and pretty similar to roller blading (which was my hobby of the month about three years ago). Of course, ice skating in Australia is wonderful in the summer, when I decided to take it up … it’s just a fantastic way to escape that awful heat waves we get in Melbourne.

The problem with all this, and the reason I’m writing to you Joanna, is that I can feel my gusto for the sport gliding away. It’s like my heart just isn’t it to it any more. My shrink has implied this has something to do with parental neglect during my childhood, but I was hoping you could offer me some more spiritually centred advice. After all, I’ve recently found myself wondering if the realm of the spiritual could hold my true calling.

The view of the forest from the blade of grass and the furthest leaf on the tallest tree differ greatly, respect and honour these discrepancies. Yellow shall be your colour of luck during the downward cycle of the harvest moon. – Joanna