Ice Skating

Dear Mrs. DuncanIce skating Melbourne. Please help me make this decision. My name is Ellen, I am ten years old and I live in Melbourne with my mum and dad. I am in Grade 4 at Primary School and I have two best friends, their names are Arabella and Lucy. I also have a dog, his name is Rufus, and two goldfish, called Sam and Frodo.

On the weekends, my mum takes me to the to the Docklands for ice skating. I used to like to go ice skating a lot, I went ice skating all the time and it was really fun. It is really cold and sometimes mum says my lips go blue. It is a lot of fun to wear my beanie and gloves and big fluffy jumper. I feel like an eskimo. I made friends there in my ice skating classes. My friends were really nice and we had a lot of fun and laughs and smiles. They are my favourite part of going to the ice skating rink.

I loved to go ice skating when I was young, but now I am older and I don’t like it anymore. I feel bored when I go skating, but my mum really wants me to keep doing it. I have told her I don’t want to, but she keeps making me go. She doesn’t care that I don’t want to go. She nags me about it all the time. We fight about it but that makes us both sad and I don’t like being sad. I go to ice skating to keep mum happy. She always says she just wants me to be happy.

How do I stop going ice skating without hurting my mum’s feelings?

Love, Ellen.

To be brave as the bear, you must be gentle as the willow in the wind, as willing to compromise and adapt to the changing seasons. – Joanna