My Tech-Savvy Brother

tech savvyThere are some problems that humans just cannot handle. That’s why we have to get mystic advice. Because where else are we going to get it? I’m so right. I’m ALWAYS right. Except, y’know…now.

Anyway, I’ve never been the most computer literate millennial, but now it’s coming back to bite me. I chose a career in administration, all good, doesn’t require an in-depth understanding of web design. Just a bit of Excel, maybe some other, spreadsheet-related stuff. And then what does my brother go and do? Some fancy software development course around Melbourne somewhere. And since my parents are even less tech-savvy than the average people from that generation, he’s basically become a bonafide super genius in their eyes. All he has to do is move the mouse across the screen in a slightly fancy manner and Mum and Dad are practically falling over themselves to praise his skills. They once rang him up to ask how to change to computer background, and they wouldn’t stop talking about it for weeks afterwards. I can do that stuff! I’ve even done a little bit of web design in my time, when our IT guy got stuck in traffic and some hacker defaced our website. Sure, I practically deleted all of our text, but it was better than the site being filled with naughty words. That’s basically web design. Designing our web…to not be filled with profanity.

But no, it’s brother dear who gets all the credit, because he’s actually involving himself with technology and computers and probably a software development course once his is done, because he’s just that smart. Mum and Dad treat me like I’m an amusing pet playing with a ball of wool. Maybe I should just go do an IT course, and then they’d treat me like an equal. Maybe.

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