New puppy calls for carpet cleaners

upholstery cleaning MelbourneMy girlfriend had just come home from the shopping centre, always a worry. She spent the past two hours walking window shopping and gossiping with her sister, oh and of course spending my money. When we moved in together a few weeks ago she thought it best we start a joint savings account. I had done a lot of saving, she had done a lot of spending. My girlfriend was very social, always out and about doing things. I was more of a sit at home type of guy, who loved soaking up a bit of pointless television on the couch. You could imagine my surprise when my girlfriend comes home with a new, incredibly gorgeous puppy.

My heart melted the minute I saw her. That didn’t stop me seeing all the negatives that could come from having a puppy in our new apartment. My first thought was of our newly cleaned carpet and upholstery. The week before I had gotten upholstery cleaning, Melbourne was a lot dustier than our previous suburb. I was concerned about our carpets, puppies are known to have accidents. We had a lot to think about, the potty training, everything in our home getting chewed to bits or destroyed. The fact is my girlfriend is hardly home, so I knew this gorgeous little puppy would end up being my responsibility. The puppy ran over to me and jumped straight on my lap. I couldn’t bare to say anything negative, so the only words that came out of my mouth were “Oh! He’s so cute!”, and with that we had new puppy.

Two weeks later I was not as enthusiastic about the puppy. There had been several arguments about the dog, my girlfriend was not doing her share.  The carpets were now spotted with dark stains and all of our furniture had gone from looking pristine, to looking thoroughly second hand. I had been sitting in the house for the past two days while my girlfriend was away, and I couldn’t bare it any longer. I desperately needed the help of professional carpet cleaners, Melbourne puppy school is getting a call this week. There was no way I could stand living in a house that constantly smelt of dog. I needed professional help, I needed carpet cleaning! Is this dog going to be a problem for our relationship?

Keep the dog, leave the girl. Your future is bright and clear if you follow your own path.