Saved with business signage

I asked my father what the email had said, but he was too busy to answer me. His mind had just clicked into work mode and I could see him thinking of a million different things at once. He was good at gathering a lot of information in his head and comparing it all. It was his way of figuring out how to do things in a way that would be most beneficial to him. We had recently been to see the Melbourne based signwriters to talk to them about having some new business signage made up for my father’s plumbing company. Dad wanted to expand the business so that he was able to hire extra tradesmen. I had recently learnt that the more tradesmen my father hired, the less time my father would spend at work. If Dad was able to hire enough people to do his job then he would be able to stay home with me. Dad had left his ideas with the signwriters for them to have a play with and he’d just received word back. I was eager to find out what he ended up doing about the business signs, Melbourne was becoming much more competitive and my dad needed a way to stand out. My father wasn’t giving any clues away as he paced around the house, waiting for the confirmation about his sign delivery. I heard my father start talking and listened carefully to the tone in his voice. I wanted to get a better understanding of what the man was saying, so I started following my father around the house. I knew this would frustrate him and cause him to sit down. That was when I would be able to fully study his body language to find out how my father was really feeling. I knew the business was struggling and needed all the help it could get. I have my fingers crossed that these business signs were going to make a big difference.

Your father need not worry, the north star is bright when the time is right.