The Gift of Tree-Speak

tree removalIt’s no surprise that people don’t understand my line of work, Joanne. After all, most people don’t talk to trees. Or rather, none of them do it very well. I was born in the conservatory of my family mansion, out in the picturesque grounds. Although I have cast off the material world, I retain my connection to nature. That’s why I got a job with a firm doing tree removal in Oakleigh, for a time at least. I was the secretary, and though my job was mostly signing for postal items and taking calls from people asking for their trees to be cut down, I also tried to use my unique skills to help in the real job.

The tree removal guys would bring the trees back, and I would listen to them as they were dying. Sometimes it was justified, because it was simply time for that tree to go. Other times I would have to sadly inform the team that they had cut down a tree who did not think that it was time, and that they had made the Earth Mother sad indeed. They might tell me something in defense, like how the tree was in danger of crushing a dog’s kennel, or that it was dangerous slanted after a storm, but I knew the truth. Nothing was more important than this tree’s life.

I left the industry after a while due to intense sadness on my part. The sadness was great indeed, but I feel like I had made the world a better place in my own, quiet way. The team grew to respect my critiquing, deep down, I feel. Now I wonder…was it enough? Is there a tree removal place in Melbourne somewhere that requires my gift and empathy? Or are there other ways to help the Earth…?

All these squares make a circle. Take two and call the rainbow goddess in the morning, for that is the path to productivity, and the perfect praline glaze cake. – Joanne