The spirit and the father

podiatryHello Joanne. It’s fantastic to finally have the opportunity to speak to you – I’ve long been a fan of your work. For almost as long as I’ve followed your ripples in the celestial pool, I’ve believed in a world beyond our own, a world where more things are possible than we can possibly dream of. My faith in this world has caused many of my so-called friends to turn their backs on me, but it is no matter, for today I finally have the proof I have long been awaiting.

It happened in the most unlikely of places, or so I thought. Three nights past, I took Michael to a childrens orthotics centre in Melbourne. He’s had problems with his feet and walking since he was a baby, but as he’s gotten older, the symptoms have only become more acute. It was there, sitting with my son in the waiting room, that I felt it. A presence like nothing I have ever known. A cold feeling rushed over my body as a light, faint at first and then growing stronger by the moment, appeared in the corner of the waiting room. I did not need to see the face of the spirit to know his name. It was my father.

With the virtue of hindsight, the appearance of my father was not entirely random. For the majority of his life, dear old dad visited a Cheltenham podiatry not too far from the one I went to with my son. I knew his presence, and although I don’t think he was trying to communicate with us, I do think he appeared so as to show his solidarity with me. To be a part of our family one more time.

As strongly as I feel this way, I would really value another opinion on this matter. Do you think the spirit of my father is dangerous?

Only the spirit for revenge can aggravate a spirit. -Joanne