This Dead-End Town

boringI’m in a bit of a slump. My house is in a bit of a slump. My TOWN is in a slum, and then not even a bit. So far as i can remember, it’s always been a depressing place to live. See, we’re on the very outer edge of Brisbane, not quite enough to be IN the city. You can sort of tell, in that people just don’t seem to care about anything. It’s a dead-end place, actually.

I’m a bin collector, but compared to those mobile skip people in Brisbane, it all just seems like a waste of time. People don’t respect the streets, so they throw rubbish everywhere. That in turn makes MY job harder, and I know it’s pointless anyway, so I don’t do it well. This leads to people being even more down because there’s rubbish everywhere. It’s a vicious cycle that can never be truly broken. At least not without some swanky bins.

And no one moves, because there’s no feel for it. You try, but you just don’t have the energy to work all of that out. It’s that, or people feel guilty for leaving the place behind in such a state. So I guess people do move away, but only because they’re the callous kind. The sad ones stay.

I’ve thought about being one of those Brisbane rubbish collection superstars that keep the place so tidy. But…it’s not for me. This is where I’ll be forever.

You may feel like you’re on a roll today, but the collision of Mars and Saturn spells trouble! Avoid change in your life- sometimes everything is just perfect the way it is. Your lucky number is SYSTEM ERROR 00100011