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Wisdom for an Office Relationship

I have need of your great wisdom, Joanne. You are revered as the internet sage, the one who gives us all wisdom and knowledge, the fortune teller who knows exactly which coupons to cut out of the magazines and which will no longer be worth it in a month or so. That’s what Janene said, anyway, and I trust Janene because she used to work for The Guardian Sun and it’s the most trustworthy tabloid around.

So naturally, I have the greatest conundrum of my life coming up and I need a bit of know-how from the future. Who would even walk into ANYTHING blind with you around?? Anyway, it’s to do with my work conference. We just had a keynote speaker from Sydney come and give a presentation on interpersonal relationships between people in the workplace. It was a fantastic presentation, but I walked away wishing we’d been allowed to spend more time on…romance. When is office romance okay, I wanted to ask during the Q and A time?

Of course, I didn’t. Simon was sitting right there in the front row, and he would know for sure after I asked the ultimate question. I’ve managed to hide my affections for this long, disguising my hanging around his desk as simply him being good at fixing my IT issues, and my lingering gazes as being a result of my lazy eye. Now I have to spend the rest of my career simulating a lazy eye, which is rather miserable.

Worst of all, I still don’t have an answer. The keynote speaker certainly cleared up any misgivings I had about office friends, and as inspirational business speakers go, I’d gladly give up the working hours to hear them speak again. But what to do about Simon?? Are workplace romances ever okay??


As yourself not what your country can do for you, but what incense you use in your morning trance sessions. Avoid the wily echidna on the road. Your lucky planet is Pluto.